Call-In Pro

Economical ESF stations

The Call-In Pro is a streamlined ESF station built economically with savings passed on to you. This station is best suited for large static groups and has been designed to offer flexibility with different space requirements. Therefore, it can be integrated into many building plans, including older existing houses with difficult dimensions. This system uses one type of dry feed and each Call-In Pro feeding station is equipped with a feed hopper supplied by a feed bin.

Important Advantages

  • Economic and animal-friendly
  • True individual feeding
  • Used with dry feeding
  • Automatic opening and closing of entrance gate and trough flap
  • Manual control unit at the feeding station
  • Entrance gate with light barrier
  • Mobile application available for management
  • Optional color marker available for easier selection
  • Optional heat detection unit available

Manage Easier with BigFarmNet

BigFarmNet is a state-of-the-art farm management software solution. It allows the farm manager to collect data continuously and to control and monitor all ESF stations in real time. The software‘s modular design makes it possible to control an unlimited number of feeding stations and to connect additional systems such as heat detection, for example, without the need for further control elements. All the data from individual houses is displayed in graphical format. The advantages of using BigFarmNet are as follows: 

  • Control practically an unlimited number of ESF stations
  • Settings for all stations can be managed from a PC, tablet or mobile device
  • Adjust diets on the spot and monitor sow health