BDFusion Pro

Electronic sow feeding meets free access stalls

The BDFusion Pro feeding system brings together free access stall design and ESF technology. Using our 510 Controller, up to 10 feeding stations are able to be managed centrally from one controller, which is conveniently placed inside the hallway or in an office. This advantage is significant as it eliminates the need for individual controls and it allows placement of the central control in a preferred location for easy management and where it is not exposed to the harsh barn environment.

BDFusion Pro provides an alternative to standard ESF systems and allows for an easy transition from conventional sow barns to loose sow housing. Since the feeding stations are similar in shape and size to conventional stalls, retrofitting old barns is quite simple and installations are adaptable to any building type.

Important Advantages

  • Central control of feeding stations
  • Easily retrofit any conventional barns
  • Simple solution for individual sow feeding in a protected area
  • Free access stall design allows sows to quickly learn feeding technique
  • 15 -20 sows can share one station
  • Easy to use 510 Control with touch display – in any preferred location
  • No controls exposed to the harsh barn environment
  • Saves time for management
  • Compatible with Big Dutchman’s BigFarmNet software: Easy 24/7 monitoring and control by mobile app

510 Controller

Our 510 Control allows for central control of BDFusion Pro feeding stations, making it simple to manage and convenient to monitor. Plus, you never have to step foot in the barn as the controllers are located in the hallway outside of the harsh barn environment. Each 510 Control has a 10″ touch screen display for perfect overview and user-friendly adjusting.

Manage Easier with BigFarmNet

BigFarmNet is a state-of-the-art farm management software solution. It allows the farm manager to collect data continuously and to control and monitor all ESF stations in real time. The software‘s modular design makes it possible to control an unlimited number of feeding stations and to connect additional systems such as heat detection, for example, without the need for further control elements. All the data from individual houses is displayed in graphical format. The advantages of using BigFarmNet are as follows: 

  • Control practically an unlimited number of ESF stations
  • Settings for all stations can be managed from a PC, tablet or mobile device
  • Adjust diets on the spot and monitor sow health