Visual weight detection of piglets and finishing pigs with camera and artificial intelligence

WeightCheck allows you to determine the average weight of your group of finishing pigs (15 to 25 animals) with an accuracy of 98.5 percent, over the entire finishing period. This is made possible by installing a camera, preferably above the feeding points or the drinkers, where the pigs will stand still for a certain time. During this time, the pigs are measured visually.

Artificial intelligence and 10,000 to 20,000 images per day, analyzed by WeightCheck using a special self-learning algorithm, provide you with a very exact overview of your pigs’ weight gain. The system needs a power connection and a permanent connection to the internet. All images are uploaded into the cloud. With the corresponding management program, you can analyze the data at your PC using easy-to-understand diagrams.

Important Advantages

  • WeightCheck is your around-the-clock digital helper that saves time and money
  • Use narrow time slots defined by the slaughterhouse to your advantage
  • Compare your data with reference curves to improve your finishing results
  • Perfect slaughter weights will pay off financially
  • Recognize deviations from your pigs’ weight gain trend so you can react early on
  • Monitor larger farm complexes more easily


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