TriSort Pro

Automatic pig sorting scale for successful finishing

With Big Dutchman’s automatic pig sorting scale TriSort Pro, finishing pigs kept in large groups – with an optimum number of 250 to 400 pigs per group – can be sorted with ease based on their individual weights. Among other things, this system helps determine the exact number and weight of ready-to-process pigs, which then assists your farm in the planning of the processing date.

This pig sorting tool will help you make sure that the pigs delivered to processing precisely match the processing criteria; pigs weighing more or less than required for processing are a thing of the past. Not only does this tool help you simplify your process but it will also increase yield and reduce feed costs – saving your farm money & time!

Another potential use is in partial finishing up to a certain weight. With the TriSort Pro you can easily monitor your pigs weights as they grow and you can utilize your house to its maximum efficiency. Thanks to precise weight data, each feeding area can be supplied with an individual feed type based on specific needs, and over or under-weight pigs can be marked with two different colors.

Important Advantages

  • Permanent weight monitoring of all pigs, providing information about daily weight gains
  • Information on the health of your pigs is available at any time
  • Use color marking to select under or over-weight pigs
  • Gives you the ability to use weight adjusted feeding
  • Ready-to-process pigs can be selected easily without stress before being taken to processing
  • Precise information about the ideal processing time for your pigs based on weight
  • Less time required for loading of pigs
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Integration with BigFarmNet

Big Dutchman’s BigFarmNet management software allows for constant data collection, monitoring and control of all connected sorting scales in real time. Each TriSort Pro is managed by a control unit characterized by a clearly arranged display which presents all important information including current weights. The control unit does not need to be installed directly at the sorting scale but can also be installed in the aisle, facilitating access to it, in an animal-free area. In addition to the control unit, it is possible to connect a separate computer placed wherever it is most convenient for you, such as in a farm office or the farm managers house. These computers will communicate in real-time. Producers using TriSort Pro with BigFarmNet technology will always be up-to-date with their latest stock records, thanks to the graphic display of all house-related data and results. BigFarmNet will tell you:

  • Weight distributions on the current and previous day
  • Determination of sorting thresholds (in percentages)
  • Scale’s visiting frequency
  • Prediction of the date on which a select number of pigs will reach a specific target weight


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Let a Local Distributor Advise You

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