The versatile and efficient conveying system for dry feed

Wherever dry feed has to be conveyed or distributed on a pig farm, be it mash, crumbles or pellets, Big Dutchman’s DryRapid is the ideal feed transport system from the silo discharge all the way to the feeding system. DryRapid can be controlled automatically using control unit 103 or with our management and control system BigFarmNet when applied with a DryExact Pro or EcoMatic Pro feeding system.

Important Advantages

  • Available in several models depending on capacity needed
  • Can be installed in many different configurations and is suited for the modernization of old barns
  • Filling level can be adjusted separately at all feeders by means of a telescopic drop pipe
  • High conveying capacity
  • Smooth transport of pellets with minimum damage of feed structure
  • Low maintenance requirements, long service life
  • Available as a computerized feed system
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Computer-Controlled Dry Feeding

With EcoMatic Pro and DryExact Pro, Big Dutchman offers you two computer-controlled dry feeding systems, which ideally comply with the requirements of modern pig feeding. Using BigFarmNet management software, both systems allow you to supply feed at the individual valves, one by volume, and the other by weight. The pneumatic feed valve ensures that every feeder receives the right feed quantity.


View and download the latest DryRapid product brochure.

Related Products

DryExact Pro

DryExact Pro is a computer controlled feeding system which employs a weighed batch mixer to blend and deliver individual feed recipes for every feed valve (trough or feeder). This technology along with the capability of feeding two loops simultaneously with highest accuracy opens the door to sophisticated precision multi-phase feeding.

EcoMatic Pro

EcoMatic Pro is a computer controlled feeding system that uses volume based feed dispensing geared towards simple, economic multi-phase feeding.


Control and administer your entire farm with a single software. No matter whether its a sow or finishing barn, feeding or climate, one house or an entire farm complex, BigFarmNet is the all-in-one solution for your farm – even if it’s is spread among several locations.

Let a Local Distributor Advise You

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