Exhaust Air Chimneys

For efficient exhaust air removal in pig production

Big Dutchman offers an extensive product line of exhaust air chimneys and corresponding built-in fans for optimal exhaust air removal. Thanks to the flow-optimized chimneys, the air rate of the fans is increased and the power consumption is reduced by up to 20%.

Important Advantages: CL600

  • Versatile exhaust air chimney with a unique design
  • Has an aerodynamic shape and ensures optimum ventilation conditions
  • Made of polypropylene, has a smooth, dirt-repelling surface and is insensitive to sunlight and frost
  • Can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner
  • Labyrinth seal installed between the roof duct and the roof sheet guarantees watertightness
  • Self-supporting design
  • Roof sheet can be customized for each barn based on roof profile

Important Advantages: BD Exhaust Air Chimney VC

  • Available in several different diameters and can be adapted to any ventilation concept
  • Aspirating mouth and diffusor leads to a 10-15% higher air performance
  • Specific power consumption is reduced by 5-10%
  • Well-insulated, meaning condensation and noise levels are reduced
  • Chimney closure, length and suspension all offered in various options
  • Light shield made of high-quality plastic: reduces infiltration of daylight at minimal pressure loss


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