Pig Housing


Big Dutchman offers animal-friendly easy to clean penning systems for sow, nursery and finishing housing. Our flexible modular system enables you to construct any type and size of pen, independent of the conditions on site and the dimensions of the house. Our experts are available to advise you on how to put together your ideal penning system.


Big Dutchman plastic flooring is ideally suited for piglet rearing pens. Our floors have optimum solid-to-void ratios, slats in three different sizes to fit your needs, and easily integrated heating plates.


TriSortPro, Big Dutchman’s automatic sorting scale for finishing pigs , allows you to sort by individual weights. This efficiently helps you keep track of which pigs are ready for processing and helps your sort them from the group.

Enhanced Welfare Products

The Rally Rooter is an enrichment device for pigs of all ages that can be placed inside large pens of finishers or sows. Playing with the loosely supported tube allows them to root out forage particles placed inside the tube container. This enables them to carry out natural behavior helping to reduce boredom and aggression.

Pigs need to be occupied! In order to satisfy this need, Big Dutchman offers a wide variety of enrichment toys. These include playing chains with a range of chewable attachments and access to organic material which can be chewed and rooted.