The versatile and efficient conveying system for dry feed

Wherever dry feed, be it mash, crumbles or pellets, has to be conveyed or distributed on a pig farm, Big Dutchman’s DryRapid is the ideal feed transport system from the silo discharge all the way to the feed trough.

This efficient pipe conveying system is available in two models: the DR 850, with a conveying capacity of approximately 1900 lbs/h, or the DR 1500, with a capacity of approximately 3500 lbs/h. DryRapid can be controlled automatically using control unit 103 or with our management and control system BigFarmNet when applied with a DryExact Pro or EcoMatic Pro feeding system.

For large amounts of cereal and feed we can additionally offer the DR 4500 with a conveying capacity of 9920 lbs/h.

Versatile options for using DryRapid

In a sow house:

Individual sow feeding with volume dispensers
Supplies the ESF Systems for pregnant sows that are kept in groups

In a nursery or finishing house:

Supplies all types of self-feeders
Supplies the DryExactPro and EcoMaticPro computer controlled dry feeding systems
Unique Features:
  • DryRapid can be installed in many different configurations and is suited for the modernization of old barns
  • The filling level can be adjusted separately at all feeders by means of a telescopic drop pipe
  • Available as a computerized feed-system, DryExact
  • High conveying capacity
  • Smooth transport of pellets with minimum damage of feed structure
  • Low maintenance requirements, long service life

Computer-Controlled Dry Feeding with BigFarmNet

With EcoMatic Pro and DryExact Pro, Big Dutchman offers you two computer-controlled dry feeding systems, which ideally comply with the requirements of modern pig feeding. Using BigFarmNet management software, both systems allow you to supply feed at the individual valves, one by volume, and the other by weight. The pneumatic feed valve ensures that every feeder receives the right feed quantity.

EcoMatic Pro

Volume-based feed proportioning

EcoMaticpro supplies the individual feed components based on volume quantities, which means that no mixer is required.

The hoppers can either be placed directly beneath the feed bins (European version) or they can be located inside the barn as we suggest for North America. A flex auger will then transport feed from each bin to the respective hopper. The feed hoppers are equipped with a frequency-controlled auger to then dispense the required amounts of each component into the DryRapid conveying pipe. The final recipe or feed mix is automatically created with each hopper dispensing its component into the feed pipe.

The feed mix is then transported and dispensed in portions by the designated valves.

This computer-controlled dry feeding system operates without a distribution unit and without a feed kitchen and is therefore simple and economic. The individual components have to be metered only once.

DryExact Pro

Weight-based feed dispensing

The DryExact Pro system works with a weighed mixer that has a capacity of approximately 18 gallons. This makes it possible to supply individual diets to each feeder with very high precision (or accuracy).

The system is ideal for multi-phase feeding in nursery and finisher barns and has been installed in a growing number of sow barns, delivering specific feed diets to each individual valve. It has become especially popular as feeding strategy and tool in research barns.

Main components of the DryRapid conveying system

Drive Unit

  • Compact design, installed inside the barn
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Automatic tensioning device
  • Drive unit XXL available for longer transport distances

Feed hopper

  • Made of stainless steel, installed in the barn
  • Conveying capacity can be adjusted continuously by means of a shut-off
  • Available with one or two lines to supply two circuits, if necessary
  • Motor controlled hoppers available

Conveying pipe with conveyor chain

  • Pipe made of .049″/.059″ galvanized steel with an outside diameter of 1.77″/2.36″
  • Pipe is also available as a stainless steel version or with a novel Magnelis® coating (a special Zn-Al-Mg alloy offering superb protection against corrosion in environments containing ammonia)
  • Chain made of specially hardened steel
  • Pusher discs are made of high-quality plastic material available with the following diameters: 1.18″, 1.37″, 1.65″ and 1.93″
  • Pusher discs are applied to the chain with a distance of 2.00″/2.36″ so that the chain links remain free with minimum feed residue


Outlet with shut-off

  • For supply of all types of self-feeders
  • Made of synthetic materials, with shut-off available in two colors for easy distinction between two feed circuits
  • Available with rigid or telescopic drop-pipe, transparent version available

90° corner

  • The corner housing is available in stainless steel or plastic; a transparent cover is also available
  • All corners are non-corrosive
  • Ball-bearing corner wheel made of plastic or cast iron for reduced friction

Pneumatic Feed Valve

  • Necessary when using the computer-controlled dry feeding systems EcoMaticPro and DryExactPro
  • Feed can be dispensed individually per valve at any self-feeder, either based on volume or based on weight
  • Available with central or individual control

Feed Drop / Volume Dispenser

  • Infinite settings for individual feeding of sows
  • Transparent hopper with a capacity of 8.5 or 11.5 lbs.
  • Minimum quantity less than 1.5 lbs.
  • Easy to read adjustment slide
  • Large lateral openings for easy addition of feed additives and easy cleaning
  • Clip for data sheet so important information about the sow is within reach

DryRapid 103

  • On/Off control of dry feeding system; optional timer available
  • Control of two feed circuits
  • Control of the small quantity dosing device motor
  • Release of the volume dispensers

CL 175 for Volume Dispensers

  • Equipped with a push button for manual release
  • 3 versions depending on power needed
  • Open between 50 and 150 dispensers at a time


  • Switches the DryRapid off when the last volume dispenser is completed or feeder is filled


  • For precise addition of pulverized feed additives into the dry feed
  • Diseases in the pig house can be treated immediately and at a low cost
  • Can easily be retrofitted in existing pipe feeding systems


  • Infinite settings for individual feeding of sows
  • Large dosing range from 0.50 to 20 lbs of additive per ton of feed
  • Precise metering even in cases of fluctuating flow rates
  • No dosing in case of an empty silo or feed bridging

Small quantity dosing device

  • The metering capacity ranges from .88 to 17.6 lbs/h for time dependent dosing