Cooling Systems

For ideal temperatures in your pig house

In addition to appropriate feed and water supply systems, ideal in-house climate conditions play an important role in achieving economic success in modern pig management. Computer-controlled climate control does more than just bringing in fresh air and exhausting stale air. Keeping the in-house temperature at an ideal level is becoming more and more important, especially on hot summer days. To achieve this, Big Dutchman’s product range includes several systems:

Coolbox   CombiCool   RainMaker



Decentralized cooling system made of high-quality plastic

Big Dutchman’s Coolbox is an innovative cooling system which is perfectly suited for pig houses with a central corridor. Moreover, in the case of poor water quality Coolbox is a better alternative compared to conventional cellulose pad cooling systems. Coolbox consists of a high-quality plastic pad and frame made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).

Unique Features:
  • The plastic pad is resistant to poor quality water (salts, iron, algae) so there is no negative influence on the system’s efficiency
  • The plastic pad lasts a lot longer than comparable pad systems made of cellulose
  • The large surface area of the plastic material guarantees high cooling capacities
  • Coolbox is delivered ready-mounted eliminating a time consuming set up process
  • Easy installation and maintenance


How it works:

The plastic material of Coolbox is watered from above. When hot outside air is sucked into the house through coolbox, it comes into contact with the large, wet surface area which absorbs humidity. This has an excellent cooling effect, lowering the in-house temperature. The system is controlled by means of a climate computer.


Effective high-pressure fogging system

combicool-03Combicool is a specially designed high-pressure fogging system for cooling, humidifying and wetting the pigs especially in compartmentalized houses. The special SST nozzles are characterized by very low passage rates but an extremely high passage speed. This creates a very fine aerosol fog that is distributed evenly all over the compartment and is immediately absorbed by the hot air and so secures a comfortable temperature. Furthermore CombiCool can be used for humidifying the in-house air throughout the whole year providing optimum humidity conditions.

Unique Features:
  • Effective in-house cooling, especially on hot summer days to maintain comfortable temperatures
  • Humidification of the in-house air throughout the whole year which provides constant optimal humidity
  • Dust bonding for increased well-being, this has a positive influence on the pigs’ respiratory tract
  • Preparatory soaking function to allow easy cleaning
  • Application of aerosols (aromatics, drugs) and their ideal distribution


How it works:

If the temperature rises above the preset level, the climate computer MC235 activates the cooling system. The pump switches on and the main duct is loaded with a pressure of approximately 60 bar. A high-pressure valve which is installed over every compartment opens and a fine aerosol fog is sprayed into the space through the nozzles. The multi-step filter unit which is installed in front of the pump prevents foreign matter from blocking the nozzles.