“We're individually feeding our pens”

Nutrition research in Sleepy Eye

July 19, 2018

The Leavenworth Livestock Research Facility located in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, looks like a normal pig house from the outside. But there is a very significant difference about it on the inside: the modern barn, equipped by Big Dutchman, allows scientists from Alltech develop and test feed under real conditions. Their goal is an ideal conversion of the nutrients contained in the feed. 

Dry feeding system

The researcher’s tests are supported by Big Dutchman’s computer-controlled dry feeding system DryExact Pro. Mixtures and different types of feed from twelve silos are conveyed into a weighed mixer. From here, a feed chain transports the feed to the respective valve to allow for individual feeding of each pen. See the farm and DryExact Pro in action by watching the video below.

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