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EuroTier 2016 | Big Dutchman Innovation for the Ad Libitum Feeding of Pigs

[soliloquy id=”4397″] WaveFeeder trough for foraging promotes typical drive to explore during feeding Foraging for feed is a natural behavior for pigs. With the WaveFeeder, Big Dutchman has developed a trough for foraging that allows pigs to combine their feed intake with their natural drive to explore. The pig equipment supplier from Vechta will present […]

EuroTier 2016 | Big Dutchman Innovation for Automated Heat Check

[soliloquy id=”4399″] EstrusControl: New tool reliably analyses the heat cycle of sows Checking gilts for heat is time-consuming and therefore often an issue on pig farms. In cooperation with the Institut für Tierzucht und Haustiergenetik (Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics) of Giessen University, Big Dutchman has developed a computer program that allows pig breeders […]

EuroTier 2016 | Big Dutchman Presents a New Cleaning System for the Liquid Feeding of Pigs

[soliloquy id=”4402″] SonicClean: Ultrasonic waves against biofilm Hygienic supply of feed and water have a great influence on animal health and the economic success in pig production. On the occasion of EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman presents SonicClean, a new product for the liquid feeding of pigs that uses ultrasonic waves instead of standard cleaning procedures […]

EuroTier 2016 | Big Dutchman Adapts Proven Belt Drying System for Use in Pig Production

[soliloquy id=”4405″] OptiSec: New slurry drying procedure shows convincing results On the occasion of EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman presents a new procedure for residue treatment in pig production called OptiSec slurry drying system. The belt dryer with integrated separator allows for dry matter contents of up to 85 %. All nutrients in the valuable commercial […]

EuroTier 2016 | CulinaFlex Pinch Valve Disables Pathogens

[soliloquy id=”4408″] Big Dutchman innovation sets new hygiene standards for the feeding of suckling pigs Big Dutchman has enhanced the well-known CulinaCup system for the feeding of suckling pigs and developed an automatic feeding system. With CulinaFlex, the pig equipment supplier from Vechta sets new hygiene standards. The innovation eliminates impurities and fresh air from […]

EuroTier 2016 | BD PowerSystems Presents Revolutionary Energy Supply System

[soliloquy id=”4371″] PowerBox: first off-grid power supply for livestock farmers At this year’s EuroTier in Hanover, Germany, BD PowerSystems will present a trendsetting innovation for the energy supply of livestock buildings: With the PowerBox, farmers gain complete self-sufficiency from public grids. The main energy source for PowerBox are solar panels. Three additional energy sources and […]

EuroTier 2016 | Innovative Big Dutchman Alarm Unit AC Touch Cross-Check Recognizes Fan Failure

[soliloquy id=”4381″] Alarm ahead of the damage With a new function of the AC Touch alarm unit, Big Dutchman now takes a great leap forward: The system extension “Cross-Check” recognizes issues within the ventilation system before dangerous situations such as excessive temperatures occur. AC Touch Cross-Check verifies that fans or fan groups actually start rotating […]

New Building to be Used as Exhibition Hall and Test Centre

Big Dutchman, the internationally operating pig and poultry equipment supplier, strengthens its headquarters in Calveslage, Germany. A new, approximately 1,800 square metre large exhibition hall to display the Big Dutchman products will be added to the company premises directly at the federal highway B 69. Construction has already started with the demolition of an old […]

Big Dutchman Acquires Controlling Interest in Proline Group

  The Big Dutchman group based in Vechta, Germany, announced today that the company has acquired a controlling interest of the Canada-based Proline Group. With about 50 employees globally, Proline Group is a leading supplier of production technologies for the pig, poultry, and grain handling industries in Asia and Oceania. Proline Group designs, supplies, builds […]