Mixing feed daily to optimize diets improves feed conversion, carcass quality and reduces feed costs. Whether you breed or grow pigs, multi-phase feeding is for you. It’s a simple and smart solution that will save you $4–$6 PER PIG!


What is multi-phase feeding?

Multi-phase feeding is tailoring feed rations DAILY to provide each pig or group of pigs with the right amount and the right composition of feed to meet their actual dietary requirements.


Where is it used?

  • For individual feeding of sows during pregnancy and lactation
  • For nursery piglets
  • For finishers
  • For sensor controlled feeding
  • For research and testing


Why should I adjust diets daily?

  • Save 10-15% of feed costs, or $4-6 per pig!
  • Increase animal performance
  • Better feed conversion and carcass quality
  • Minimize nutrient excretion
  • Significantly reduce nitrogen and phosphorus excretion
  • Save on preparing, transporting and storing specialized feeds
  • Feed precise rations automatically and utilize management tools with Big Dutchman systems

Conventional Three Phase Feeding

Abrupt transition between feed types

Multi-phase Feeding

Gradual transition between feed types


When should I use multi-phase feeding?

Whenever you want to feed pigs the smart way – save money and win with well performing pigs.


How do I implement multi-phase feeding?

Automatic daily feed adjustments can be realized using both our DryExact Pro and EcoMatic Pro feeding systems, and both are compatible with our BigFarmNet management software.

DryExact Pro

| Sophisticated precision multi-phase feeding

| Each trough or feeder can have a different feed recipe

| Can feed different diets simultaneously

| Uses a weighted batch mixer

| Sensor controlled feeding

| Can be used for both sows and growing/finishers

| Allows for testing individual feeds and diets in small portions

| Deliver feed in rations as small as 18oz

EcoMatic Pro

| Volume based feed dispensing geared toward simple, economic multi-phase feeding

| Feed from each feed bin is dispensed into the feed pipe using a frequency controlled auger

| Mixing occurs along transport to deliver correct feed recipe to feed valves

| No feed kitchen or distribution unit needed

| Used for growing/finishers

| Can be upgraded to a sensor feeding system

Let a Local Distributor Advise You

All of our multi-phase feeding systems are compatible with BigFarmNet – check out its features by clicking here. To discuss how BigFarmNet and multi-phase feeding can be implemented on your farm, contact us today.