High capacity steel plate manure drying system

OptiPlate is a highly-efficient steel plate drying system with a compact design. It dries fresh poultry manure originating from aviaries and cage systems to up to 90% dry matter. During the drying process, fans push the warm exhaust air into the pressure corridor. There, it flows through all tiers over the entire width. The perforated steel plates ensure that the warm air not only passes through the manure.

Important Advantages

  • Large drying capacity
  • Compact modular design with high intake capacity
  • Perforated steel plates allow for a layer height for fresh manure of up to 20 cm
  • Very stable and rugged technology
  • Can be installed for tunnel ventilated houses also
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can dry the manure of up to 200,000 laying hens
  • Available in 2-5 tiers