Flex LED Bulb

Flexible 360° aisle lighting

Flex LED Bulb is the ideal lamp to replace your conventional light bulbs in aisles or on ceilings. Not only is it 0 to 100 percent dimmable and has a service life of 50,000 hours, the lamp is also installed in the same manner as all our other Flex LED lamps. In addition to low installation requirements, Flex LED Bulb is also incredibly versatile. A special feature is the lamp’s housing, which is made of a heat-conducting plastic material. This material ensures perfect cooling of the LED lamp.

Important Advantages

  • 360° beam angle
  • Dimmable from 0 to 100%
  • Very efficient at 103 lm/W
  • Resistant to a high number of chemicals
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Resistant to shocks
  • Very low weight
  • Very fast installation because the lamp is easy to suspend
  • Compatible with all other Flex LED lamps
  • Resistant to high-pressure cleaning, IP 69K protection rating


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