Feed Cart

Feeding system for all Big Dutchman cages

Available in either motor or cable driven versions, the new Big Dutchman Feed Cart runs at 18 ft./minute. Dispensing sledges are fitted at the bottom of each hopper in each tier to accurately deliver feed.  Feed can be dosed in one, or both directions, and each tier has its own feed level adjustment.

Important Advantages

  • Only one drive per row for up to six tier systems
  • Low operation costs (energy saving)
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Quiet and smooth in operation
  • No agitation of birds during feeding times
  • Feed level is easy to set independently at each hopper
  • Very accurate feed distribution
  • Hopper and dispensing sled designed to prevent feed bridging
  • Simple operation


View and download the latest feed cart product brochure.

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