Manure Drying Systems


Steel plate manure drying system

OptiPlate is a highly-efficient steel plate drying system with a compact design. It dries fresh poultry manure originating from aviaries and cage systems to up to 90% dry matter. OptiPlate is available with 2 to 5 tiers. Every tier consists of two plate rows which can be loaded up to a layer height of 20 cm each.

During the drying process, fans push the warm exhaust air into the pressure corridor (at approx. 60 to 100 Pa overpressure) with up to 3 m3/h/ bird. There, it flows through all tiers over the entire width. The perforated steel plates (2000 x 317 mm, hole diameter 5 mm) ensure that the warm air not only passes by the manure but passes through the manure.

Every plate drying system is planned individually based on the conditions on the farm where it is to be installed. One system can dry the manure of up to 200,000 laying hens.

Manure Drying SystemsOptiPlate back view

OptiPlate front view with filling station

OptiPlate back view with dust scraper


Manure-belt drying system

The OptiSec automatic manure drying system is engineered to thoroughly and evenly dry a large volume of manure in a short period of time.

  • Extra wide belt (70”) for higher capacity
  • Stainless steel side rails
  • Stainless steel side plates in filling station
  • Patented belt roller supports for better air flow and low friction
  • Sophisticated touch screen control
  • Direct drive motor for each tier
  • Adaptive belt speed based on incoming manure quantity
  • Belt slip sensors on each tier
  • Standard chopper or optional hammermill
Proper Air Circulation

Air leaves the poultry house and enters the manure drying tunnel, and then circulates through the manure, further aiding in drying the manure, and then the air exits the building.

Air Circulation

The roller sleeves, combined with the perforated manure belt, allow for thorough and even air circulation. The roller sleeves keep the manure belt from touching the rollers, keeping the manure away from the rollers, resulting in longer lasting rollers.

Thorough Drying

The chopper consists of a rotating shaft which chops up the manure chunks before they are fully dried, allowing manure to be dried more evenly.

Even and dependable drying

Dry Evenly

The dosing station is installed in the topmost tier of the drying tunnel. The quantity of manure, speed of the belts, and the two distributing spirals are coordinated, ensuring a very even distribution of manure on the drying belts, resulting in very consistently dried manure.

Dry More

The extra wide manure belt will hold more manure than any other system, all the while allowing you to spread the manure evenly, resulting in an even and consistent dryness.


Our automatic controls provide the most efficient manure drying system in the market.

Belt Tension Rollers

Ensure proper belt tension, and efficient system operation.


Strategically placed sensors give you the confidence in knowing your system is running smoothly.