Lift System

Only one egg transfer, less space required in the end-set area 

The lift system collects the eggs from all rows of each tier simultaneously. For this, the cross conveyor moves from one tier to the next. Once the lift has collected all eggs from each tier, it moves into its top level parking position.

The lift collection system is an economic solution for small units or individual houses as well as for multi-level nests. Handling of the eggs is very gentle, because there is only one transfer involved, when moving eggs from the longitudinal belt to the cross conveyor.

  • Smooth egg transport with only one transfer to the cross conveyor
  • Good access to all rows between egg collections when lift is moved into parking position
  • Less space required in end-set area
  • Lifts can automatically collect eggs mislaid or “system eggs”
  • Can be combined with any size cross collection


Large collection capacity, minimum maintenance requirements

MultiTier is well suited for large units because it collects the eggs from all rows and all tiers simultaneously. Transport of eggs is gentle, since there is only one transfer from the longitudinal belt to the cross collection

  • large collection capacity
  • well suited for long transport distances of up to 200 m; 7.9″ per drive unit
  • simple and reliable
  • low maintenance
  • gentle egg transport
  • cost-effective solution