Bird Scales for Layers

Incas 2

Poultry scale for layer production

Incas 2 poultry scale can be used for layers in floor production and in conventional cages as well as for pullets and layers in small aviary management.

A multi-purpose stainless steel suspension allows two options for installation of Incas 2. It can either be mounted to the vertical wire grilles or, by turning the load cell, it can be fixed to the bottom grille.

Thanks to its low weight of just 2 kg, Incas 2 can easily be used as a mobile poultry scale. Since the load cells are close to the floor and have the shape of a perch, the scale is well accepted by the hens, allowing frequent weighing and thus precise determination of weight.

Weighing Computers



Viper Touch

Central control with Viper Touch as Production Computer

With the extension module “full broiler functionality” or “full breeder functionality”, ViperTouch not only controls complete poultry climate functions, but becomes a full production and management computer.

You are able to connect up to 12 SWING bird scales to record daily bird weights


Weighing computer for use in poultry production

ComScaleis a stand-alone weighing computer which can either be installed as stationary unit in the service room or it can be used as a battery-powered mobile version.

ComScale can be connected to Swing 20 (broiler weighing), Swing 70 (turkey weighing) as well as to Incas 2 poultry scales.

All recorded individual weight recordings can be viewed at the weighing computer itself or they can be transferred to a PC to be analyzed in graphical and tabular form with the respective software (optional).

An automatic comparison with a pre-defined set curve helps to detect any deviations. The computer is also available as GSM version with the advantage of being able to regularly transfer data to a PC via GSM modem (wireless) or as text message to a mobile phone.

The following data are recorded:

  • daily average weight
  • number of weighings per day
  • daily weight gain
  • standard deviation (g), coefficient of variation (%) – states the deviation of the measured weights from the average value
  • uniformity
  • automatic update of the average weight.
bird weighing comscale


Manual mobile poultry scale

FlexScale is a battery-powered, portable and very user-friendly weighing computer which automatically records manual weight recordings.

FlexScale has a concise display, a large memory and a long battery life.

Data are saved in pre-defined groups. A group may consist of a house or a defined area within the house. The measuring results can be transferred to a PC where they can be further analyzed in growth curves and statistics.

With an optional battery powered printer, you are able to print the weight recordings directly from the FlexScale.

The set includes a simple weighing hook, a battery charger and the carrying case. Optional weighing hooks are available.

Two versions of FlexScale are available: for 65 lbs (30kg) and for 110lbs (50kg).