Fresh Air Chimneys

For negative and balanced pressure ventilation


Fresh air chimney for negative or balanced pressure ventilation

FAC 2 supplies fresh air from the roof with a high air rate. The fresh air distributor at the lower end of the chimney ensures that the entering air is distributed evenly inside the house. This creates a stable airflow even with minimum ventilation. As an option, FAC 2 can be equipped with a fan inside the chimney. This fan pushes the fresh air drawn in by the chimney through the fresh air distributor and into the house to create a balanced pressure system. Such a system is especially recommend where no negative pressure can be created due to constantly even pop holes. FAC 2 is available in four diameters (650, 730, 820, and 920 mm)

Fumus 2

Fresh air chimney for balanced-pressure ventilation

Fumus 2 is always equipped with a fan in the lower part of the chimney. This fan pushes the fresh air drawn in by the chimney through the fresh air distributor and into the house. The amount of air entering the barn is regulated by means of a butterfly valve above the fan. Depending on the position of the butterfly valve, anywhere between 100 percent fresh air (vertical position) and 100 percent recirculating air (horizontal position) enter the barn. Between these positions, a certain amount of fresh air is mixed with the house air, which is drawn in through the 10 cm wide opening at the chimney . This means that, depending on the ventilation requirements, the barn can be supplied with fresh air, mixed air or recirculating air. In case of minimum ventilation (during cold weather) Fumus 2 can also be operated with balanced pressure or slight positive pressure. Fumus 2 is available with the following diameters: 650, 730, 820, 920mm.

Principle of operation: fresh air, mixed air and recirculating air
Fresh air
When the butterfly valve is fully open, the fan draws in 100 percent fresh air and distributes it into the barn.

Mixed air
When the butterfly valve is neither fully open nor fully closed the fan sucks in fresh air and house air. This pre-heated air is then pushed into the barn.

Recirculating air
The fan continuously circulates house air inside the barn, using the fresh air distributor. The butterfly valve inside the fresh air chimney is closed.