Titan Fan

Corrosion resistant high volume tunnel fan

The dependable Titan corrosion resistant fan is just what you’ve been waiting for. Let your houses breathe easy with this long lasting durable fan, featuring many benefits designed with you in mind.

Important Advantages

  • Flush mount fiberglass housing design allows for long lasting durability against the harshest environments
  • Easy installation for new construction or for updating existing poultry houses
  • All internal components are made from stainless steel, aluminum or metal that’s put through high temperature painting processes
  • Newly engineered blade assembly consisting of three cast aluminum blades
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Less airflow restriction than other fans


View and download the latest Titan fans product brochure.

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Let a Local Distributor Advise You

Big Dutchman has a large network of trusted poultry distributors who are ready to work with you on your project. To get started, locate a distributor near you.