Nipple Drinkers

For peak hydration in your broiler breeders

A reliable and hygienic source for drinking water, nipple drinker systems have proven themselves in modern poultry production. They provide fresh and clean drinking water to your flock which are within easy reach. With various options available, Big Dutchman has the drinking system you need for your individual requirements whether it be for broilers, turkeys, breeders, or pullets and layers.

  • Nipple drinkers with and without drip cup
  • Round drinkers for open water
  • Anti-roost without electricity
  • Double wire hanger
  • Flipper

Composed of the Following Parts

  • Pressure control unit with rinsing system – end or central supply, depending on the drinker length
  • Slope regulator – evens out 4 – 6 inch incline
  • End kit or end kit with automatic flush kit (optional) each with water level indicator
  • Standard pipe with valve. Under normal operation the valve is open to allow the air to escape
  • Aluminum extrusion or conduit with anti-roost wire
  • Nipple tube with all stainless nipples and combi-nipples
  • Suspension system

Water Filtering / Medicating System

A clean water supply is essential to achieve optimal performance and long service life from any nipple drinking system. The Water Filtering/Medicating System ensures that the quality of the water being delivered is beneficial and makes it easy to administer medications by way of the medicator.

Automatic Flushing System

With the automatic flushing system you can rest assured that your drinking system will always be rinsed and replaced with fresh water whether you think about it or not. 

The AutoFlush Controller opens and closes a solenoid valve allowing the system to automatically flush itself. The solenoid valve kit comes completely pre-assembled to the regulator making installations quick and easy. The Automatic Flushing System can also be adapted to existing installations.

Optional Minidrinker

Optional MiniDrinkers are available as supplemental watering if required by integrator’s production specifications.