Vista 360 Starter Pan

The ideal feed pan for turkey poults

Vista 360 starter pan is a feed pan for turkey poults newly developed by Big Dutchman. The pan will satisfy the needs of day-old poults through movement into the grow- out phase.

The following points are essential for growing successful turkey poults:

  • Easy access to feed
  • Minimal feed wastage
  • Simple, thorough cleaning

Vista 360 fulfills all of these requirements optimally. Let our experts advise you how to find the best solution for your individual needs.

  1. Screwless snap-on system makes for rapid and simple assembly and dismantling
  2. Animal friendly pan can swing freely on the pipe
  3. Pan is divided into several sections ensuring that poults are unable to push feed out of the pan
  4. Simple and secure adjustment of the feed level, unintentional adjustment is not possible
  5. Smooth pan rim is curved to the inside preventing feed waste
  6. Pan bottom can be opened making cleaning easy
  • The innovative 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the pan creating an ideal start for turkey poults.
  • Starting with the feed level adjusted to 3, the pan can be overflooded for an optimum poult start.
  • The flooding mechanism closes automatically when the pan is lifted –> the feed level is lowered, reducing feed wastage to an absolute minimum.
  • Designed without grills to allow easy access to feed and to eliminate entrapment.
  • The pan is made of high-quality, UV-resistant plastic.
  • The pan can be cleaned thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner.