For optimum air flow in your barns

At Big Dutchman we recognize that the more control you’re given over variables within your barns, the more profitable and efficient they will become. As such, we offer a variety of fans to control the airflow within your barns, ensuring superior exhaust ventilation.

NBC 52 & NBC 54   Fiberglass Exhaust Fans   Titan Fan

NBC 52 and NBC 54 Fans

Type NBC and Fiberglass fans are the answer to your ventilation requirements.

We utilize our innovative drive assembly which applies power through V-belts directly to the propeller. Blade load is concentrated directly over the bearings for more economical operation and longer bearing life.Type NBC fans feature 3 cast aluminum airfoil blades secured to a cast aluminum hub. This unique blade assembly has been engineered to provide durability, corrosion resistance, and optimum efficiency. Our use of quality materials and precise engineering techniques in constructing blade assemblies assures you of years of quiet, trouble-free service.

When economy is measured in terms of cubic feet of air per minute per dollar invested, Big Dutchman’s fans are today’s best investment. Big Dutchman uses only the most efficient ball bearing, totally enclosed motors available. Big Dutchman provides recommendations on your specific needs for confinement rearing of poultry, hogs and other livestock.

Please see our brochure for performance ratings or contact us with your particulars

Fiberglass Exhaust Fans

Efficiently move air out of your barns

To move air out of the barn we carry 36” and 50” Fiberglass Fans.

  • The patented design provides excellent performance without a cone. Optional cone can be added if desired
  • All fans are supplied completely assembled and are tested before shipping
  • Smooth inside and out, self draining, sloped housing is quick and easy to clean reducing maintenance costs
  • 36” and 50” belt drive fans
  • 36” direct drive fans
  • 50” fans with die-cast aluminum or galvanized steel blades.
Tie-Bar Shutters
  • Our shutters are smooth and quiet. Strong, durable 304 stainless steel shutter frame and aerodynamic PVC louvers with tie-bar
  • Top and bottom louvers are not tied, preventing problems with freeze-up and dirt build-up
Multiple advantages

High Performance from patented orifice and motor mount system

  • Cone in/cone out orifice design provides excellent performance without the extra expense of a cone
  • Provides same enhanced performance as larger cones without the negative effects of wind against the cone

New design reduces maintenance cost

  • Injected, smooth inside and out, self-draining, sloped housing design is quick and easy to clean
  • A corrosion resistant belt tensioner reduces maintenance and provides continuous, strong performance
  • Long lasting, high quality, rubber belt is easily accessible
  • New tie-bar shutter design provides smooth, quiet operation and cleans easily

Low cost installation

  • Built in cone – no extra assembly costs
  • Optional cones available
  • Fan supplied completely assembled ready to mount in the wall
  • Single phase units supplied with 10 foot cord and molded plug
  • Every fan is bench tested prior to shipment

Titan Fan

Corrosion resistant high-volume tunnel fan

  • Easy installation
  • Durable in harsh environments
  • Three cast aluminum blades
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Less airflow restriction than other fans