Complete climate and production control for your poultry house at your finger tips

Viper Touch can be used to control the entire environment of your barn and it can also be used as full production and management computer
Important functions for climate control:
  • Intake / exhaust air control- Minimum side ventilation, tunnel and transitional ventilation
  • Connection of 8 temperature sensors
  • Control heating in up to three growing zones
  • Minimum ventilation with cycle timer and rotate fans
  • Control of both pad cooling and foggers
  • Temperature-controlled emergency opening function
  • Connect auxiliary sensors, such as NH3 or CO2 sensors
  • Curves for temperature, humidity, tunnel start, maximum ventilation and minimum ventilation timer
Important functions for production control:
  • Feed consumption, feeding programs, bin weighing
  • Water meter
  • Light control, light intensity
  • Bird weighing
  • Bird management, such as mortality
  • Simple operation via touch screen
  • Ideal climate and production computer for broilers, broiler breeders, turkeys, layers and ducks
  • Adjustable operating modes: Basic, Flex or Profi Mode (depending on individual requirements)
  • Password protection on 3 different levels
  • Speaks 16 languages – including yours
  • Customize your home screen
  • Integrated network interface
  • Save data and settings
  • Simple alarm management
  • Compatible with BigFarmNet-Manager PC program; mobile and web access
A new experience in terms of comfort, speed and performance
The ViperTouch shows all functions on a large graphic display. The symbols used in the main menus allow for easy viewing and navigation. The standard version of ViperTouch includes English and German language. And there are more than 16 additional languages including Spanish, Chinese, Danish, Romanian, Russian and Thai.USB Flash drives can be used to install software updates as well as storing data and settings. The standard version comes with 22 low power relays. The extension box allows incorporation of 10 to 40 additional relay modules with or without manual control. There are also relay modules available that can be used for direct connection of single-phase fans or motors with up to 30 amp.
Menu examples
ViperTouchextended menu
User screens

ViperTouch and BigFarmNet Manager

BigFarmNet-Manager is a PC program which allows the customer to list and visualize as well as process and control the barn climate and production data from his office PC. It is also possible to make and automatically transfer settings regarding feed, water and light to other houses in the same production mode.The new broiler module provides for an exact documentation of the course of the batch. Several batches can be compared with each other or reference values concerning feed and water consumption or daily weight gains or losses.The grower can take advantage of the full performance potential of a flock while saving costs, and achieve consistently good results at a high degree of efficiency.
Advantages at a glance
  • The software uses simple, easy-to-understand symbols
  • Quick data overview, both as graphs and as lists
  • Detailed alarm log, history and analysis
  • Fast connection to the office PC via LAN Ethernet and wireless networks
  • Communication with existing computers via BFN-WebLink
  • Use of standard IT components
  • Remote access via RDP protocol
BigFarmNet network web
BigFarmNet network web
Current production data feed conversion broilers
BigFarmNet network web
Overview production

For more information about BigFarmNet, please also visit our BigFarmNet website.