Big Dutchman Air Inlet Systems are designed for efficient circulation and ventilation within cage, breeder and broiler houses. Our wall inlets are made of shock-proof, recyclable, non-deformable and UV-stabilized plastic and can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure washer.

Big Dutchman offers a variety of MultiVent shutters for tunnel ventilation, providing additional ventilation for summer in hot climates, removing heat and excess moisture quickly.


NBC type fans feature 3 cast aluminum blades powered through v-belts attached directly to the propeller. These fans are engineered to provide durability corrosion resistance, and optimum efficiency.

Big Dutchman offers 36″ and 50″ fiberglass fans for moving air out of the barn.


SOLaire high performance brooders are designed specifically for the poultry industry. They offer a simple design, with a durable canopy and a dependable one-piece radiant.

Our Bigfoot tube heater has a wide radiant throw, evenly distributing warmth farther than other competitive units. It is more fuel efficient and faster put head on the floor.


RainMaker is a pad cooling system, developed by Big Dutchman, which features an innovative frame system. RainMaker is characterized by its minimum installation requirements and is designed for simple supervision and maintenance.


Zeus is a 2-channel moisture-proof lamp, ensuring even lighting throughout your house.


The ViperTouch holds vital founctions for both production and climate. With an easy-to-read graphic display and functions right at your fingertips, the ViperTouch makes controlling your poultry house environment simple.