UniGROW 360 Feed Pan

Start poults quickly and move them out sooner

UniGROW 360 pans flood in a full 360° circumference, and feed flows easily without bridging, so all birds can easily access feed.

Every pan can be adjusted from a full-flood position to a height you determine—or anywhere in between—in minutes, saving significant time and labor when compared to hand-adjustments.  Multiple minimum feed settings allow you to set the pan for your particular feed. The patented drop feed spreader disperses feed evenly 360°.  Fine and course feed is evenly distributed throughout the pan, ensuring proper nutrition and preventing wasted build-up.

The unique shut-off feature allows any individual pan to be easily shut off by hand, anywhere along the line.

Lowering the collar reduces feed flow and helps keep feed in the pan as the birds grow.

Variable adjustment capability allows for optimum feed levels throughout the growth cycle.

The feed collar is lowered to a preset height for the appropriate feed level.  Adjustment of the pan’s drop allows for eight different minimum.

Raising the feed color to the top allows the pan to flood, providing excellent starts for chicks.

Feed flows out in a complete 360 degree circumference, eliminating competition for feed and the “valleys” that can trap birds.

Unique Features:

Durable Top Cap: The durable top cap snaps onto the pan assembly for easy installation and maintenance—there’s no need to disassemble the feed line to replace parts.

Better Starts: The unique three-strut grille makes it easier for small birds to get to the feed and get a better start. Day-olds can easily get in and out of the pan without getting trapped.

Easy Adjustments: The feed collar is raised or lowered with the winch system, adjusting the feed level from full, 360° flood to minimal feed flow. The integral anti-scratch ring prevents feed from being scratched from the pan, while the feed collar baffles keep birds from slinging feed from side to side.

Custom Settings: Multiple minimum feed level settings allow you to custom-set pans. The drop also allows you to shut off feed flow to individual pans. The drop feed spreader disperses feed in a full 360° circumference and keeps feed from becoming stale and being wasted due to fines settling in the middle of the pan.

Easy To Use and Clean: Pull on two finger tabs and the 13″ (33 cm) plastic pan comes off for an easily, and thorough wash down.