FLUXX Feed Pan

Broiler Feeding System

The patent pending FLUXX broiler feeding pan system continues to set the standard in broiler feeding technology. The FLUXX system has been farm tested around the world, showing it to be the best at faster starts and bigger birds.

The 14” pan allows for more feeding space, while the 16 arm design reduces feed waste and the 360° flood provides a large amount of feed at the edge of the pan, making it easily accessible.

When a flooding pan is no longer required, simply winch the feeders off the floor and the feed adjust returns to the preset grow-out position. In the grow-out position the feed volume per pan is reduced, and the feed is delivered to the feeding area, giving easy access to the feed.

Each pan has the feature of a feed saver lip which reduces waste, along with the feed saver fins which will help keep the birds from wasting the feed, and the 360° rotation of the feeder that insures even feed distribution.

Dish Options

FLUXX 13" Pan

Available in 5 or 14 arm

FLUXX 14" Pan

Available in 8 or 16 arm

NEW! 14″ FX2 Deep Dish

The optional FX2 deep dish is designed with the deepest point near the cone. This design allows for maximum feed to be presented with easy access for the birds. The internal lip design, and with the feed positioned near the cone, the birds are not able to scratch the feed out of the pan, resulting in less waste.

Unique Advantages

Internal lip is designed to give big birds easy feed access without wasting feed or injuring birds.

Feed levels are easily set with our “Spin’n lock” adjustment. Preset grow out adjustment is returned as soon as the system is winched off the litter, reducing labor.

Swinging pan yields less bird injury and is easy to clean. Simply spray clean, open the
bottom and let dry.

Snap on top cap for easy installation and service, saving time and maintenance costs.

Additional dish latch to ensure the dish stays secured to the pan assembly.

TRUflood™ 360° high feed level flooding allows feed accessibility from day one. Up to 16 feed stations encourages the birds to eat straight into the pan.

Control Pans and Powerdrive Motor

Drive units and control pans:

• Reliable, energy-efficient, durable feed-drive
units are available with adjustable mechanical
or proximity switches

• Drive units feature a low-profile design that
provides more winching headroom for cleaning

• Control pan light is available

Hopper and Switch

Feeder and hopper unit:

• Galvanized steel or heavy-duty plastic available

• Permanently lubricated, sealed bearings give the unit an exceptionally long life

• Removable extension allows the unit to be winched up until the feeder reaches the desired
height for easy clean-out

• Hopper wall design allows superior feed-out of all types of feed, providing a steady supply to the auger and faster filling of all pans

Mechanical high limit hopper switch:

• Sealed orange electrical box

• Adjustable paddle mechanism

• Reliable micro-switch