MalePan & MalePan Plus

Separate rooster feeding

Rooster FeedingSeparately feeding roosters with the MalePan is ideal for presenting a uniform and consistent amount of feed, resulting in roosters with high fertility. Feeding males separately guarantees that all males receive the specified amount of feed, allowing for the use of different feed mixes for hens and males.

The pans are supplied feed by the high speed auger system. The feed lines are easy to raise, keeping the hens from reaching the feed in the pans.

The MalePan is equipped with a five-arm grill, with or without a sliding shut-off, and can feed seven to nine birds. The solid, stable connection to the pipe can easily withstand the stress and strain caused by the males during feeding.

If the MalePan Plus with sectioned dish is used, the integrated volume reducer allows fast, simultaneous and uniform filling of all pans.

MalePan Rooster Feeding
MalePan Plus Rooster Feeding
MalePan Plus with volume reducer