FLUXX 14″ Feeding Pan

for feeding pullets

Pan Feeding

Big Dutchman’s FLUXX 14” deep dish pan is ideal for raising pullets, providing a consistent and reliable amount of feed, ensuring you a uniform flock.

The 14” pan allows for more feeding space, while the 16 arm design reduces feed waste and the 360° flood provides a large amount of feed at the edge of the pan, making it easily accessible.

Unique Features:
  • 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the pan for day-old chicks when the entire circuit is lowered to the floor
  • Simple and reliable, one-handed adjustment of the feed level in eight positions
  • Unique design maximizes feed conversion
  • Dish design promotes proper feed distribution
  • Integrated volume reducer allows for small feed rations, ensuring fast and simultaneous filling of all pans
  • Easy-to-open locking mechanism opens the hinged pan bottom so the pan can be easily and thoroughly cleaned after every flock
  • The feed pan can be supplied by either a tube or chain delivery system
Consistent Features:

From day old chicks to grow-out, the FLUXX pullet pan will distribute an even and consistent supply of feed to the entire flock.


Pan Feeding
A young flock has easy access to feed from day one.



Pan FeedingThe FLUXX pan presents just the right amount of feed as the flock grows.

Two options for feed delivery

To deliver feed to your flock we offer two options; straight line tube with conveying auger, and the ReproMatic system, featuring the Challenger chain.

ReproMatic is a Big Dutchman feeding system which was developed exclusively for broiler breeders. It combines chain and pan feeding systems to create a feed delivery system that helps produce a uniform flock. ReproMatic uses the Challenger chain to convey large quantities of feed at high speeds, ensuring that feed is available in each pan as soon as feeding starts so birds are delivered equal amounts of feed. This ensures the consistent development of your flock.

Both tube and chain will provide an even distribution of feed to the entire feed-line, resulting in a flock with uniformity.


 FLUXX feed pan with tube and auger feed delivery
FLUXX feed pan with tube and auger feed delivery



 FLUXX feed pan with ReproMatic feed delivery
FLUXX feed pan with ReproMatic feed delivery

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is an easy as spray, open and let dry:

We’ve  made cleaning the pans after every flock as effortless as possible. All you need to do is spray, unlatch the dish and let dry. Finishing a flock has never been so easy.


FLUXX Feed Pan


FLUXX Feed Pan