Pullet Feeding

Big Dutchman offers 3 different feeding/conveying systems for feeding pullets.

  1. Pan feeding using a straight line auger (tube) feeding system
  2. Pan feeding using the Big Dutchman ReproMatic chain delivery system
  3. Big Dutchman Champion chain feeding system

Pan Feeding

Pullets are fed using the FLUXXPullet Pan.
Feed can be delivered to the pans in two ways:

1. Using a straight line auger (or tube) delivery system. 

2. Using the Big Dutchman ReproMatic chain delivery system, which runs in a circuit.

Chain Feeding

Big Dutchman’s proven Champion feed chain conveys and delivers the feed in an open feed trough with grill which runs in a circuit. There are many configurations possible with multiple feed lines and directions.