Hen Feeding

Big Dutchman offers 3 different feeding/conveying systems for feeding hens during the production phase.

  1. Pan feeding using a straight line auger (tube) feeding system
  2. Pan feeding using the Big Dutchman ReproMatic chain delivery system
  3. Big Dutchman Champion chain feeding system

Hen Feeding
Chain feeding (left) – Male pan feeding with straight auger line (middle) – ReproMatic pan feeding (right)

Pan Feeding

Hens are fed using the FLUXXBreeder Pan. Feed can be delivered to the pans in two ways:

1. Using a straight line auger (or tube) delivery system.

2. Using the Big Dutchman ReproMatic chain delivery system, which runs in a circuit.

Chain Feeding

Big Dutchman’s proven Champion feed chain conveys and delivers the feed in an open feed trough with grill which runs in a circuit. There are many configurations possible with multiple feed lines and directions.