Electronic Sow Feeding

Electronic Sow Feeding is used for sows kept in pen gestation. Electronic sow feeders provide all the benefits of being able to manage your sow’s feed intake individually, while giving the sows freedom to move and the comfort of living in a group environment.

Big Dutchman offers two electronic sow feeding options that are perfect for sows in pen gestation. Easily managed and monitored by our BigFarmNet management software our ESF systems allow farmers to keep tabs on so and feed data as well as connect and control further modules such as heat detection and health monitoring to truly give you an edge for total sow management.

The CallMatic Pro system will work well for both stable and dynamic groups and can be adapted to fit any space requirement. CallMatic pro can also work with either dry or liquid feed and offers several options to make management simpler, including sorting, color marking, and heat detection.

The Call-In Pro offers the same ability to easily feed individual pregnant sows in group housing, but with more economical construction and key essential features. This system provides the greatest quality with a competitive price.

The BDFusion Pro feeding system brings together free access stall environment and Electronic Sow Feeding. Using our 510 Controller, all BDFusion Pro stations are able to be managed from one single controller.

How does Electronic Sow Feeding work?

Basic Feeding Procedure

  • A sow may enter the station when the entrance door is open.
  • As she passes a light barrier, the entrance door is shut behind her automatically.
  • The sow is identified at the trough by the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) ear tag.
  • If the sow is entitled to feed, the flap covering the trough opens and small feed portions are dispensed into the trough until she has eaten her total ration or until she leaves on her own.
  • She can then pick up her remaining ration at another visit.
  • If the identified sow is not entitled to feed (because she has already eaten her complete ration), the trough flap stays shut and the entrance door is reopened, so that the next sow may enter and drive out the sow in the station.

Basic Feeding Procedure Sow ManagementBasic Feeding Procedure Sow Management
Feed trough made of stainless steel with open/closed flap  

Big Dutchman feeding stations let sows feel secure as the entrance gate closes behind them, and noise reducing panels separate them from the other sows, allowing them to eat in peace. This reduces stress for the sows and increases harmony among the group, leading to improved overall health, well-being, and body condition for each sow.

Electronic Feeding Sow Management

Sows can enter feeding station any time of day
If a sow has not eaten her entire ration for that day already, the trough flap will open and feed is dispensed.

Feed is dispensed in small portions
Sows can call for small amounts of feed several times a day or they can eat their total ration for the day all at once. Should a sow not have a big appetite or not want her entire daily ration at once, she can leave and return to demand her remaining ration later.
Advantage: the next sow to enter the station will never obtain larger amounts of feed from the previous sow because the portions of a single dosage are only between 3 and 4 ounces (80 – 120g) big.

Water is dispensed with every portion of feed
To make feed intake easier and more pleasant for sows, a small amount of water is dispensed into the
trough with every feed dosage.

Mineral dispenser
An optional device is used to mix and feed minerals, vitamins, prophylactics and medication or other
feed additives in pulverized form. It is installed on top of the feeding station.

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Group housing can provide the best environment for your animals when managed properly. And with ESF you can control exactly what your sows are eating, leading to better performance overall. Our team of experts is waiting to help you find the best solution for your barn. Give them a call today!