Exhaust Air

For efficient exhaust air removal in pig production

Big Dutchman offers an extensive product line of exhaust air chimneys and corresponding built-in fans for optimal exhaust air removal. Thanks to the flow-optimized chimneys, the air rate of the fans is increased and the power consumption is reduced by up to 20%. The Ziehl Abegg fans, which are well-adapted to our chimneys, are high quality, corrosion free, winter proof and have low energy requirements.

We offer both standard fans (FC) and sickle shaped blades (FE). These are even more pressure resistant, operate at a low noise level, and have die-cast blades.

Big Dutchman recommends installing three-phase fans. These are very pressure resistant and much more efficient.

CL 600

The Original

Exhaust Air Chimney.indd

  1. Diffuser increases the exhaust air rate (Venturi effect)
  2. Rain run-off
  3. Roof duct for the connection between cone and roof sheet
  4. Labyrinth seal prevents water from entering through the roof
  5. Built-in fan for optimal house ventilation
  6. Roof sheet available with different profiles
  7. Exhaust air duct extendable
  8. Butterfly damper closes off the chimney and reduces the air flow in a speed controlled system
  9. Suction head specially designed for higher air rates

The flexible combination of the individual components of the chimney makes it possible to fulfill different requirements:

  • Color selection: light gray or red brown
  • Light-proof: if light plate or light pan are used
  • Exhaust air extension duct 1.64′ (0.5m)
  • Installation of rain cowl instead of a diffuser, fitted to the roof duct
  • Duct extension for the roof sheet (above roof) of 3.28′ (1.0m)
  • Pipes in the roof space can simply be heat-insulated with additional insulation

BDexhaust air chimneys VC

BDexhaust air chimneys VC

Large selection of cross sections

  1. Diffuser increases the exhaust air rate (Venturi effect)
  2. Storm bracing
  3. Exhaust pipe with 3.28′ or 4.92′ (1.0 or 1.5m) lenth
  4. Roof plate
  5. Built-in fan
  6. Damper
  7. Servomotor CL74
  8. Aspirating mouth
  9. Drip plate
  10. Light shield

The flexible combination of individual components of the chimney make it possible to fulfill different requirements:

  • Available colors: light gray or dark brown
  • Chimney closure: pivoting damper or cover flap
  • Chimney tube available as half shell or full tube
  • Chimney extension 3.28′ or 4.92′ (1.0 or 1.5m)
  • Chimney suspension: with anchor for houses without intermediate ceiling, with anchor ring for houses with intermediate ceiling
  • Light shield made of high-quality plastic: reduces infiltration of daylight at minimal pressure loss

Accessories for CL 600
CL 600 Guide VaneLight Pan BlackLight Plate BlackLight Plate Gray Roofing TopSeal
CL 600 Guide VaneLight pan, Black – Function: Reduction of light inside the houseLight plate, Black – Function: rain protection and light absorptionLight plate, Gray – Function: rain protectionRoofing TopSeal

Fiberglass Sidewall Fans

Pig barn Fiberglass Cone Fan

  • All internal hardware is stainless steel or aluminum to provide maximum corrosion resistance
  • All materials resistant to aggressive climates
  • All materials smoothly finished on both sides for maximum performance and easy cleaning
  • High pressure and high airflow versions available
  • Available from 18” to 54”