NATURA Step aviary system installed at MSU's Poultry Teaching and Research Center

Big Dutchman systems chosen for cage-free research projects

September 3, 2019

Located in Lansing, Michigan, the Poultry Teaching and Research Center at Michigan State University (MSU) exists to provide facilities and resources for the education of animal science students interested in Poultry Science as a career. In addition, the center also conducts basic and applied research that will benefit the poultry producers of the State of Michigan.

As the layer industry continues to push toward cage-free aviary systems, it’s only natural that research facilities must follow suit. In response to this need, the MSU team recently opted to have Big Dutchman’s NATURA Step aviary systems installed in its layer building. Michigan State University is now one of only a handful of poultry facilities in the US that is capable of supporting research with the new aviary systems.

According to MSU’s story about the installation, “the new aviaries will give animal science students exposure to one of the modern housing options they may find in a commercial setting. Researchers will be able to continue their studies on hen production and welfare in similar systems as industry. The aviary system will also benefit outreach with Michigan producers who use or are transitioning to such systems.”

The layer building on their campus features 12 research rooms. Four of the rooms utilize the Big Dutchman AVECH II system, four have the NATURA 60 system, and the remaining four rooms showcase newly installed NATURA Step systems. Big Dutchman is proud to have been selected for this project.

avairy system
NATURA Step: newest installation 4 research rooms
avairy system
NATURA 60: 4 research rooms
AVECH II: 4 Research Rooms

For more information and photos of the installation, visit Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture & Natural Resources website to read their story on the project: