Big Dutchman partners with leading high-tech greenhouse supplier

Range of solutions extended

February 1, 2022

Big Dutchman, the long-established equipment supplier from Calveslage in Germany, becomes a significant minority shareholder in the Dutch Ammerlaan group from Venlo in the Netherlands. A renowned full-service provider for innovative greenhouse projects, Ammerlaan is a family-owned business managed by Michel La Crois with over 75 years of experience. The company is one of the horticultural industry’s leading players.

Ammerlaan’s 100 employees design and realise greenhouse structures for the production of fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and flowers in sizes from two to twenty hectares. The company focuses on high-tech greenhouses for sustainable and resource-efficient food production. Ammerlaan firmly believes that controlled-environment agriculture has an essential role in meeting the world’s demand for food. The company’s sales were approximately EUR 60 million last year.

Bernd Meerpohl (left) and Michel La Crois (right)

Among other countries, Ammerlaan is active in the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and North America. With its seven international logistics centres and local presence in more than 80 countries, the Big Dutchman network will contribute to Ammerlaan’s continued international success. “I am convinced that our strong global network will support the expansion of Ammerlaan,” says Big Dutchman CEO Bernd Meerpohl, who is looking forward to the partnership. Ammerlaan’s managing director Michel La Crois adds: “Together, we can set new benchmarks in the greenhouse industry.”

Big Dutchman is highly interested in modern horticultural solutions, which will complement its business scope of egg, poultry and pig production systems. “Innovative technologies lie at the core of our DNA. They extend our range of solutions and offer our customers new opportunities. We are not lacking ideas,” says Bernd Meerpohl.

True to the motto “Think global, act local”, Big Dutchman develops innovative equipment for modern and sustainable animal husbandry. Based in Vechta-Calveslage, the family-owned company is active worldwide. Last year, the Big Dutchman group with 3,400 employees generated an annual turnover of nearly EUR 1 billion.

More About Ammerlaan

Ammerlaan’s mission is to offer growers and investors complete and innovative horticultural greenhouses that meet the highest quality standards, helping attain the highest yield from crops.