Big Dutchman Celebrates Expansion of US Headquarters


Big Dutchman USA is proud to announce the dedication of its newly expanded office and show room space. The attractive new two story building adds 12,000 sq ft to the existing facility, doubling office space for Big Dutchman’s currently engaged 138 employees. “The investment will benefit and better support our rapidly growing business in the US, Canada and Latin America” says Clovis Rayzel, President of Big Dutchman USA. “We anticipate to hire 20 more employees in the coming year – mostly to reinforce product development and technical support to customers.” The new show room will feature a variety of innovative, future-oriented equipment and computer technology for the management of laying hens, broilers, breeders and turkeys as well as for the respective pig production entities.

Big Dutchman, as many people in West Michigan have known over the years, is the industry leader in the development and sales of automatic feeding, housing and ventilation systems for pig and poultry management. Big Dutchman USA was established in the Holland/Zeeland area in 1938 by the Dutch immigrant brothers Richard and Jack DeWitt. Their pioneer work led to the invention of the world’s first automatic feeding machine for chickens, which is now on display in the appealing new reception area of the Holland facility.

Big Dutchman is headquartered globally in Vechta, Germany with over 900 employees there and 2500 employees worldwide. It operates subsidiaries and logistic centers across 6 continents with sales in more than 100 countries. Although the company has grown immensely in the last 10 years, Big Dutchman’s CEO and Chairman of the Board of Management, Bernd Meerpohl, still likes to call it “one large family”. To him, the US company based in Holland naturally is of greatest historic and sentimental value and he speaks fondly of the DeWitts when he proudly asserts that “even today, the company is influenced daily by Jack’s simple, ageless way of doing business. He was very customer focused and market oriented and this is our philosophy every day.”


The new addition, where ground was broken last fall and is finishing completion this October, 2014 will be the venue for an exciting ribbon cutting ceremony for employees, neighbors, local customers and business partners. Clovis Rayzel and Bernd Meerpohl, CEO, will both deliver messages at the inauguration to celebrate with everyone Big Dutchman’s successful expansion and prosperous outlook on its 76th anniversary.