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Swine Production

Our complete product range for modern swine production includes simple systems, computer-controlled swine feeding systems with equipment for swine house ventilation, exhaust air treatment and residue treatment as well as management hardware and software. New technologies for power generation from biomass round off our product portfolio.

Big Dutchman is the world’s largest supplier of swine equipment for modern swine production. Founded in Holland Michigan in 1938, Big Dutchman has developed automated systems for swine and poultry for over 75 years. Today, the large team of Big Dutchman engineers in Germany and the USA provide a wide range of feeding, housing, ventilation and sow care solutions. We are proud of state of the art technology as well as customized solutions for diverse markets, climates and special preferences.

Big Dutchman not only provides you finest quality products but specializes in complete automated systems as well as innovative management solutions.

Liquid Feeding System

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Liquid Feeding System

Sows, pigs, finishing pigs - all pigs can be fed liquid and Big Dutchman has various different state-of-the-art solutions for all farm sizes and types of production. Computerized liquid feeding has many benefits such as utilizing low cost by-products, improving feed efficiency and attaining fast payback

Dry Feeding Systems

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Dry Feeding Systems

Whenever dry feed (meal or pellets) has to be conveyed or rationed out in a swine operation, our dry feeding systems are ideal for maximizing efficiency and profitability. Big Dutchman offers 3 main feeding systems, DryRapid, EcoMatic and DryExact to accomplish your needs and choice of feeding concept

Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF)

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Electronic Sow Feeding

Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) System is the best alternative to keeping sows in conventional gestation crates which allows freedom of movement in group housing, guarantees true individual nutrition and - in addition, provides a most valuable management tool for the breeder.

For detailed information on this product please also visit our special website on ESF: www.CallMatic-ESF.com

Housing Solutions

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Housing System

Big Dutchman offers you animal-friendly, easy-to-clean housing systems for pig rearing as well as finishing. Our flexible modular system allows the design of any type of pen size independent of the building conditions and barn dimensions.

Sow Care Options

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Sow Care

Sow stalls for the breeding barn, gestation barn solutions, farrowing pen and nursery barn housing components to provide the care your sows deserve.

Environmental Technology

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Environmental Systems

Create the ideal environment for your swines with our complete line of environmental control systems. From heating to cooling, you'll find the components you need for a healthy environment for your swines.

Big Dutchman, Inc.

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