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FLUXXBREEDER Female Feeding System.

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The FLUXXBREEDER female feeding pan sports a special female-only grill that allows for adjustment of both feeding window width and height. With eleven different window widths and four window heights, the pan is suitable for all breeds while keeping the male roosters out of the pan.

The FLUXXBREEDER feeding pan has been proven time and again to be the preferred feeding pan for delivering a consistent and reliable set of feed to your entire flock, while at the same time reducing feed waste.

Features of FLUXXBREEDER feeding pan:
  • Adjustable window width and height can be used for all types of breeds
  • Window widths and heights are easily adjustable during the bird cycle
  • 16 “real” feeding spaces provide more feeding space than a linear trough
  • The female-only function of the grille prevents males from eating from the feed pan
  • Spin-n-lock system allows for simple, one-handed adjustment of the feed level
  • Hinged pan bottom allows for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Built-in feed reducer ensures fast and simultaneous filling of all pans
  • Smooth feed saving lip prevents bruises while increases feed conversions
  • Sliding shut-off to close individual pans
  • Openings in the pan top allow light in the pan
  • The pan rotates 360°
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Unique Features:

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Feed channel with chain or auger
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Feed level
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Flat pan dish
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Feed saving lip
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Integrated volume reducer
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Adapter for feed channel


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Special female-only grill allows for adjustment of both feeding window width and height.

With eleven different window widths and four window heights, the pan is suitable for all breeds.


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Circular arrangement of hens around the pan feeds 60% more birds per running foot than a linear trough

16 feeding spaces per pan allows for a high stocking density and lower investment cost per bird


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Height and width of feeding spaces can be adjusted as hens grow

Openings on the top of the pan allow light inside the pan so hens can see the feed easily

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